My mission is to understand the brain, how it develops, how it deteriorates, and how it evolved. I am most interested in brain-behaviour links, what we all share, and what shared links dissolve due to disorder and injury. I am drawn to similarities between the rules of nature and brain organisation.

I am actively looking for mentors who would like to support me in returning to academia following an extended maternity leave. My plan is to apply for funding starting November 2020 to return to work in the Autumn 2021. I am most interested in gaining skills in computational methods or translational research with direct relevance to pathology and neurodegeneration or neurodevelopment. I would like to further build on existing skills and expertise in MRI/fMRI/DTI study design and analysis, behavioural battery administration and analysis, and experimental design (primarily episodic memory and sensorimotor learning). I am very interested in the development of the cerebellum, and cerebellar/basal ganglia links across the lifetime, as well as the role of these structures across disorders. Please be in touch if you’d like to discuss how I might fit into your team.

I am blessed with degrees from Harvard and Oxford. I did a brief stint at MIT along the way (CV here). I am an experimental psychologist with varied interests, hobbies, and skills. Navigate this site at your own risk. Artwork, content, ideas are my own.