Cherwell Collective

In late 2019 I started Oxford Party Library following my son’s birthday party, and the next spring I founded Cherwell Larder, a COVID response unit running out of my garage…. both later become the first established of the “Cherwell Collective” groups.

You can visit Cherwell Collective’s Website for more information. Or read a summary of our activity below

Cherwell Collective – Our History from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

What is Cherwell Collective? It’s a not for profit company with one strategy: To reduce the carbon footprint of our community.

We hope to create the first truly circular economy in the UK.

We empower those in our community who, due to social, financial, or medical inequities and exclusions, believe reducing our impact on the climate is beyond their reach.

Our Aims:
Reduce waste and facilitate a circular economy to make the most of resources available
Increase collective knowledge (e.g. through skills sharing and education)
Build a sustainable future for our community together

Our Activities:

Distributing food and other surplus via Cherwell Larder Marketplace
(Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays Exeter Hall Kidlington 11 am – 2pm).

Repurposing food surplus in our cafe and helping people eat a sustainable diet: Climatarian Kitchen

Cherwell Collective – The Big Lunch from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

Cherwell Collective ‘Ashley’ from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

Growing food for the community in Harvest @ Home

Repurposing non-food and broaden impact via Waste Innovation Station

Cherwell Collective – Living Sculpture – The Big Reveal from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

Cherwell Collective – Living Sculpture from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

Cherwell Collective – Waste Innovation Station from Kidlington Media on Vimeo.

Loaning equipment and supplies via Oxford Party Library