Electric Car Exchange

We have just over a decade to save this planet.

Do you want to leave that fight up to the free market?

My electric car exchange could cut up to 25% of carbon emissions.

In the UK in 2016, over 25% of carbon emissions were attributable to transportation. Ensuring the 30.9 million cars on the road are low emissions could drastically cut transportation-based pollution. This reduction in emissions would benefit the entire UK community, particularly those individuals living in high-traffic urban areas where it’s estimated that around 30,000 deaths each year are the result of poor air quality.  Though electric cars are currently on the market, they are still too expensive for the average consumer, and very few low emissions vehicles are available to purchase used.  The additional benefit of this program is to boost the low emissions vehicle market.

Likewise, we could reduce over one quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions in the US with a similar approach…


We replace the worst cars first.

We find drivers with older, higher emissions and frequent-use conventional vehicles. We then offer them an electric car exchange. All we charge is their gas money.

We provide electric cars to individuals who contribute to the carbon emissions out of necessity. Individuals who cannot afford to buy an electric car without our help. Why? Because the earth cannot afford to keep dirty cars on the road.

We need donations right away. Every penny will help us form the partnerships we need to:
identify the worst cars first,
buy the electric cars to exchange
safely dispose of older vehicles
reach rural communities

Other businesses focus on improving technology or selling electric cars.  We facilitate the practical delivery of electric cars to the people.  We will put more electric cars on the road, and push out the highest offending older vehicles.

Our priorities:
1) replace high emissions/older vehicles
2) replace frequent-use vehicles
3) low-income drivers
4) high congestion areas
5) rural/ limited public transport areas

If you think an Electric Car Exchange could be right for you, please fill in this form and we’ll add you to the waitlist.

If you would like to donate to the cause, visit our GoFundMe page.

I am a doctor, but more than that, I’m a mother who started a company to combat climate change.
Our window to make a difference is so small.
Getting gas vehicles off the road could be the turning point.
Help me, help our children.